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Alternative weather forecast from Online Weather Another good Website is at antveals web site which contains links to other very good sites. Another website containing locations and links to weather sites can be found here I’ve now done some more work on the averages and you can now see at a glance which years the highs and lows have occured. The Met Office have also released the 1981-2010 averages so I’ve updated our data to reflect the time period and will update all 2012 data to reflect this in time. March 2014 Data has now been fully uploaded. I’ve also enabled Spark.clx for Lightning detection for Mobile Phones. Install the application from here then add the following link to Sparkclx There’s also a mobile version of lightening detection for the Andriod phone. This is called Mobile Storm which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. To use my Boltek enter the Latitude of 53.2102 and the Longitude -1.28. For the web url type in the following The detector needs also to be set at custom. The authors website is here You can follow Sheffield Weather on Twitter which is working now. The problem was with Lightning 2000 sending truncated tweets and repeating the same tweet which locked the account out. 
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Welcome to the Sheffield Weather Page a site for the city of Sheffield South Yorkshire England. The family has been recording Weather since 1955 and in recent years this has passed to myself. I have a large amount of data which I have published on this website. I’m have now started to work on the data sets from 1989 so you can check the Stevenson data from that period to the present rather than from 2000. This will be a slow process though I’m afraid and will take some time.
Quick Weather Update 12/04/14 No real change in the outlook. A pleasant week coming up by day with warm sunny spells although some nights will be chilly. No sign of any rain around at the present time. Quick Winter Roundup. After a dry but mild December two wet months followed. The stormy weather wasn’t repeated in January but did return in February. The winter was the mildest since 2007. However if failed to make the top ten of wettest Winters. There wasn’t a single day with Snow lying and air frosts came to a miserable total of 5. The Winter was mild due to the strong polar vortex remaining stuck over America and the temperature contrast allowed a spawning of constant stream of depressions to cross the country on a very strong jet stream. Winds very rarely came from any other direction but SSW. What’s new?  I’m slowly adding a weather glossary which I hope will answer any questions about any terminology I may use or you may see here on the news etc. If you wish to subscribe to the Netatmo feed please use the contact page and I’ll send an invitation. If you’re using a mobile device, use the following link for live data