Sheffield and Rotherham Weather Forecast for the next Five days. Updated at 01/12/23 at 17:05hrs. Valid from 18:00hrs Saturday to 03:00hrs Friday.

Sheffield and Rotherham Local Area Forecast.

General Synopsis at 12:00hrs for the UK for the next five days: Sunday a developing low pressure is approaching SW England. Fronts ahead of the system pushing rain sleet and hill snow across England. Monday the Low is pushing into S Central England with rain, sleet and snow pushing north. Scotland sees Wintry showers in the E. Very cold away from the S England. Windy around the coasts. Tuesday the country sees a weak ridge of high pressure pushing in. Rain and sleet showers down the E coast dying slowly away. Snow and sleet in the borders. Still cold away from the SW. Windy in the SE and the E coasts. Wednesday more rain with hill Snow pushing NE across the country as a deep low approaches W Ireland. Very windy in the W. Mild air pushing slowly NE turning any Snow to rain. Thursday a deep low to the SW of Ireland with showers and rain crossing the country. Mild to very mild away from Scotland which remains very cold. Windy around the coasts

General Five day local summery: Hopefully the uncertainty has now gone. Saturday evening sees Snow approaching from the SW this lasting into Sunday morning. Briefly dry before rain, sleet and Snow arrives from the SW. A wet cold day Monday Snow returning to high ground later as cold air pushes back in. Tuesday sees wintry showers. Wednesday a dry day until the evening when rain and milder conditions arrive. Thursday went and mild. So starting cold and unsettled and finishing unsettled and mild

Pollution levels Low. Pollen Out of Season.

Saturday evening and night: Barometer at 18:00hrs 1013mb steady. Temperatures 0C. Winds a light SSW breeze. A dry fairly cloudy evening with a few light snow showers later on. The night sees the snow becoming more organised becoming moderate at times. Overnight low -1C to 0C so very cold to cold. Winds a light SSE breeze.

Sunday: A cloudy start with light to moderate Snow. Temperatures 0C to 2C. Winds a light S breeze. Snow clearing by mid morning then a dry cloudy spell before rain, sleet and hill snow returns by midday lasting into the afternoon when it becomes moderate. Temperatures a very cold 2C to 4C. Winds a light ENE breeze. Barometer at 18:00hrs 1004mb falling. Any Snow turning to rain away from the highest peaks so a wet evening and night with rain turning heavy by morning. Temperatures -1C to 2C rising later also a risk of freezing rain early on. Winds a light NE breeze.

Monday: A wet start with heavy rain and sleet. Temperatures 3C to 4C. Winds a gentle ESE breeze. Rain sleet lasting through the morning and afternoon. Temperatures 2C to 4C so very cold. Winds a gentle ENE breeze. Barometer at 18:00hrs 992mb rising. A wet evening with rain and sleet. Rain turning to Snow over the peaks and possibly low ground in the early hours. Winds a gentle NW breeze. Overnight low 1C to 3C so rather cold to average.

Tuesday: A wet start with some light to moderate rain, sleet and hill snow showers. Temperatures 3C to 4C. Winds a gentle NW breeze. A dry cold day with sunny spells and wintry showers. Temperatures 5C to 6C so cold. Winds a light to gentle NW breeze. Barometer at 18:00hrs 1008mb rising. A dry evening with clearing skies followed by a dry night. A widespread ground frost and patchy air frost. Winds a light SE breeze. Overnight low -1C to 1C so cold.

Wednesday: A cold fresh start with clear spells and a patchy air and widespread ground frost. Temperatures 0C to 2C. Winds a light S breeze. A dry morning with sunny spells and building cloud. A cloudy start in the afternoon with rain arriving by mid afternoon. Winds a gentle ESE breeze. Temperatures 3C to 5C so very cold to cold. Barometer at 18:00hrs 998mb falling. A wet evening and night with moderate rain at times. Temperatures an average to rather mild 5C to 7C. Winds a gentle ESE breeze.

Thursday: A wet start with light to moderate rain. Temperatures 7C to 9C. Winds a light SW breeze. Mid morning sees any rain die away then a dry day with sunny spells. Temperatures 9C to 11C so average to rather mild. Winds a gentle SSE breeze. Barometer at 18:00hrs 992mb steady. A showery evening to start with the showers quickly dying away then a dry night with early clear spells then building cloud bringing like rain by morning. Overnight low 7C to 8C so mild to very mild. Winds a gentle SSW breeze.

cold to average